This site does not take itself too seriously. It explores a range of topics from an independent perspective including cycling, travelling, help with home computers and camping. I hope that you will find something of interest in these pages and would be delighted to hear from you


A mecca for cyclists is Alpe D’Huez which is part of the TDF route. The scenery is beautiful but the road is VERY steep. I visit every year but it never gets any easier. It is always quite a challenge but it is good to soak up the atmosphere.

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Camping has changed a lot since the seventies when I used to take the children to the West Country. These days you can enjoy camping in style.

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I am now able to spend more time travelling and, more importantly, I am no longer limited to a maximum time away of two weeks and can thus go further afield. You can explore some of the places I have visited by clicking on the drop down menu above. Future plans include Galapagos Islands and Australia

Computer help

Are you a home user who struggles with use of the computer running Windows or Mac? We all need some guidance at times. There is a wealth of information available on line but some questions are so basic that you are afraid to ask – or don’t know what to ask.

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