trailer tent

My camping these days revolves around a Conway Continental trailer tent, It is four years old but is a great improvement on the earlier trailer tents. I liken it to a tardis in that it provides much more accommodation than is apparent from the outside

The designers of trailer tents really know their stuff and everything is arranged to obtain the maximum benefit. The biggest single improvement for me over the previous trailer tent is the gas struts which make raising and lowering the bedroom sections a breeze

I intend to use it more and more as the years go by. It provides two double beds, sink, cooker etc. and is very easy to tow.

It is far easier to handle than a caravan and has looked after me on my travels through Europe – including some happy times in Rome and Vienna (where I went to the opera)
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Camping in the UK

The main problem with camping in the UK is the weather and many people decide that the Winter months are just not worth the effort.

Having got that out of the way, every part of the UK has its own appeal to campers. There are so many parts that I have still to visit but I have experience of the south coast of England, Wales and the Lake District,

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Camping abroad

Camping opens the doors to exploring Europe at very little cost. I can honestly say that it has enabled me to get to know people and towns that I would otherwise not have seen.

Elsewhere on the site I give more advice on what should be considereed when travelling abroad.

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